Sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have an “Ella” on the team. In Spanish, the word “ella” means she or her.  We’re passionate about helping women entrepreneurs build, develop and grow their own startups, which is where ella STARTUPS began. 

Hello, I’m ALICIA

Founder of ella startups & digital marketing strategist.


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 Alicia Gonzalez

Alicia Gonzalez


Alicia Gonzalez is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Writer, and Digital Marketing Strategist.

I was a married mom of two boys when I became pregnant with an unexpected set of triplets. Suddenly, I was caring for a family of seven and the triplets had significant challenges.

When the triplets were born, circumstances forced me to leave my six-figure corporate job as an Operations Manager and put my CA Real Estate Broker activities on hold.  They were born at just 29-weeks and were just 2-pounds each. Within a few years, all three of the triplets were diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy.

After a lot of tears and battling with intense fear about the future, I chose to return to work as an Entrepreneur and created a workflow that fit my unique circumstances.

I opened a new Real Estate firm and ran board meetings and agent training from my tiny living room while feeding babies and changing diapers. To make ends meet, I took writing jobs and any small gigs I could get.

I started my blog, 24/7 Modern Mom, and developed a simultaneous passion for digital media. As you might expect, I had no idea what I was doing. First, I surrounded myself with people who had strengths in the areas where I was most weak – and learned as much as I could.

Sure, there were some hard days and definitely a few failures, but I did whatever I could each day, and kept going.

Over a period of ten years, I learned how to stop underestimating my own abilities and start believing in my purpose.

I help Entrepreneurs use modern Digital Marketing strategies and tactics to build their audience online and turn causal followers into loyal customers.

Let’s talk about the global issue that finally showed the world what I’ve been saying for years!

Yes, you can!  She can. They can. We will.

Let’s be real. Before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, corporate America and many entrepreneurs limited themselves and their businesses by believing decades of the same lame excuses that had been passed down for generations.

Get out of the house. Go to work. 

That was the expectation. Work happens at the office. So, we told ourselves and believed this and that just could not be done from home. We had also still held tightly on to the idea that women working from home weren’t really working, even if they were running a successful business.

When the government, Google, and Facebook started working from home, then people believed it could be done. Everything changed. Well, not really, because women always knew!

We knew.

There was no question in our minds that the world could be run from home. Sure, there were still some obstacles, logistics to work out, and a bit of discomfort as we transitioned into a remotely run world. 

Us, though? The women who had been running lives from the carpool lane, kitchen counter, garage, living room, and play area – we knew! The women who stayed home because they couldn’t afford to work outside of the home and pay for daycare – knew. The ones who climbed the corporate ladder all the while fighting constant self-doubt and guilt over having to choose between going to work and staying home with their families – knew! This was already our lives. We’re glad the world caught up.

Entrepreneurs, don’t wait another day.

That’s our philosophy. Do it today. Yes, you can. And, if you have to, you can do it from a folding card table with a tempermental internet connection, kids fighting it the background, and a dog barking. But we didn’t have to tell you that because – you  knew!

It’s time to do what you know you can!

We’re cheering you on and would be honored to help you along the way.

~ Alicia Gonzalez



Our Purpose

We help women entrepreneurs build, develop, and grow their startups. Through the use of modern digital marketing techniques and strategy, we help you grow your audience online and turn casual followers into loyal customers. Click below to learn more.


We understand that the biggest obstacle for many people is simply getting started – taking that first step. That’s where we come in! Whether you are starting from scratch with just a recipe for the world’s best tacos written on a napkin and a dream or you have a 50-page business plan, we’ll help you build your foundation! 


It’s our goal to help every client develop themselves and their businesses into their highest potential! You know what? The sky’s the limit! Through education, coaching, skill acquisition, a great team, and the right mindset, we believe every entrepreneur can thrive! We’re more about collaboration than competition. Build it. Develop it. And you know what’s next…


It takes hard work and tenacity to build and develop a startup, but you can do it! Soon, you’ll be ready to grow it! When the time comes to scale, we’re excited about helping you reach the next level in your business. 

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